Empowering the Trade Finance Ecosystem through Smart Contract Standards

TradeFinex Utilizes Open Source Smart Contract Technology for Trade Asset Pooling, Aggregation, and Distribution to Alternative Asset Investors.

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What is TradeFinex

TradeFinex is a decentralized platform for Trade Finance originators to distribute deals to wide range of bank or non-bank funders.

Trade Finance Distribution Blockchain Network Diagram Trade Finance Distribution Blockchain Network Diagram

Instrument Support

Receivables (Invoice)

TradeFinex Network offers a Digitized and De-Centralized way to manage Invoices. The technology revolutionizes how transactions are validated, invoices are issued and payments are made.

Letter of Credit

TradeFinex Network offers a De-Centralized way to manage letters of credit and electronic presentations. Buyers, sellers, banks and carriers can electronically exchange letters of credit, electronic bills of lading, insurance certificates and other trade documentation over a decentralized Blockchain network.


TradeFinex Network enables organizations to create and manage guarantees and bonds from multiple financial institutions with full control and visibility. This reduces the risk of potential fraud, errors and cost of credit and administration.

Bills of Lading

Digital bill of lading (DBL) application gives carriers and logistics providers the ability to create, send, amend and manage bills of lading digitally with greater accuracy, integrity and speed. TradeFinex helps reduce the risk of fraud and improves efficiency and speed.

Global Trade Finance Asset Distribution Platform

Tokenize and Trade Cross Border Trade Finance Assets for Greater and Competitive Liquidity.

For Platforms

TradeFinex is interoperable with a wide range of Trade Finance Digitization Platforms. Connect your origination platforms to a wide network of funders & get access to the secondary market distribution marketplace.

For Settlements

Stable Coin Deployment

FXD is an XDC Based Stablecoin, representing a stable-price currency issued and developed by Fathom.fi - DAO


About XDC Liquidity

Explore XDC as a protocol for an instant global settlement and counterparty risk mitigation for Trade Finance.

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World Trade Organization (WTO) and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) talking about TradeFinex & XinFin.


Below are a few brief videos you may find helpful.

Become a Financier on TradeFinex Network | Explained

Apply for Trade Finance Funding on TradeFinex Network

Presenting TradeFinex Invoice Factoring Quickbooks

Partnership and Alliances

TradeFinex is partnering with leading brands in the blockchain space to provide outstanding solutions and services that match the standards of our fast-paced industry.

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